Our Story

Since swe have first time meet the nature pure essential oils, we are attracted by it 'magic'. The medical and original benefits brings by the essential oils are amazing. Essential oils can bring the different healing effects to the people which will not harm their body. The company name 'White Scent' which want to bring an meaning of most natural and pure essential oil to people. Our mission is to bring the original scent into your life and make you surrounding to become natural.

'CHAKRA' essential oils, an ancient which inheritance start 5000 years ago. Chakra is the wisdom of human and also it concludes the intelligence of the ancestor. Philosophy of Chakra was built based upon a wide variety of herbs, and the knowledge was passed on. Many of the herbs were studied and recorded. Essential oils, which are the main product used in aromatherapy, are extracted from plant materials by applying steam to force out their essences into highly concentrated liquids.