Use Guide

1. Inhalation
Indoor Inhalation -
Pour the hot water (nearly to the boiling point) into glass, ceramic or stainless steel container ( basin, bowl or cup), drop the essential oil and use tower or cloth cover the back of the head, bend over on the container, use mouth and nose to inhale the air until feel cozy. This is the best way to treat cold and respiratory tract infection, and will also feel fresh and emotion exchanged.。

Simple inhalation-
Drop the essential oil on the tissue or handkerchief and take a breath on it. It is easy to use when you are traveling or meeting.。

2. Bathing
Full Body -
Put the normal level of water and temperature, drop 8 - 12 drops of essential ( could be mixed up to 1 - 3 types of essential oil). You should dropping the essential oil according to the level of the essential oil from not so strong to very strong. Better to drop the essential oil one by one. You will find that some essential will dissolve into water, while some essential oil will condense and float on the surface of the water. If meet this situation, place your palm vertically on the surface of the water, slap quickly the water to make the essential oil split on the surface of water evenly. When bathing, do not to use other soap or body wash. At the same time, you could massage you body lightly. Diffusion of the essential oil is very strong, it will diffuse into dermis after 3 minutes and the essential oil will flow through our body with the blood circulation system. You could bath until the water turn cold, it approximately take 10 to 15 minutes.

Foot -
Careful choose the material of the container, better use stainless steel material, plastic materials not encourage to use because it will have the chemical reaction. For the foot bathing, put 4 - 6 drops of essential oil. It is the best time to carry out foot pathology reaction message.。

Other types -
Suana, or other type of showering or bathing are encourage to use the pure essential oils.

3. Direct Smear
Apply directly on the surface area of skin. For example, lavender essential oil could direct apply on the skin which scalded. First, clean the afflicted part with water and dry it, after that, directly smear the lavender essential oil on the afflicted part. Also could use cotton wood to smear on the wound. Concentrated essential oil cannot directly apply on the big surface of wound before dilute.There will at least 2 types of essential oil could be use to treat for every type of skin problem, if the symptom does not improve swap to another type of essential oil. Avoid direct contact of the essential oil to the eyes.

4. Message
High concentrate essential oil cannot be used directly to apply on the skin because it can cause skin allergy, so when messaging, we should use diluted essential oil. The oil use to dilute the pure concentrate essential oil is called base oil. The oil which could be used as base oil should be the oil which will not volatile and not process by chemically. Base oil are normally odorless, rich of vitamin D, E, iodine, calcium, magnesium, fat and etc. Base oil could balance and stable the essential oil, in addition to support the essential to be absorbed by skin quickly.Processed oil such as grapeseed oil and soya bean oil is odorless, so it can be used as base oil as well. It normally mix with not processed oil to increase nutrition and mix up with essential oil. While the mineral oil processed from the petroleum, such as babyoil, are not suitable to used as base oil because it is not contain any nutrition and also it easily to cause the pore to be blocked andcaused acne and pustule. When message with essential oil, it will obstruct the absorption of essential oil. Normally, the ratio of the base oil and essential oil is 100ml : 0.5ml - 3ml . With a 5ml tea spoon, 0.5% ratio is 1 drop of essential oil with 2 tea spoons, while 1% is 1 drop of essential oil with 1 tea spoon. You could also change the ratio of the base oil and essential oil based on your needs or body situation. The best timing to message the body is after shower, because our body is a bit wet. When messaging, the power could be vary based on personal requirement, and also you could use different style of messaging. Message with essential message oil could help you to cancel off your tireless, improve quality of sleep, relax your muscle, and refreshing.

5. Spreading
Cold spreading -
normally use when fever, blooding or sport injury. Drop the essential oil on a wet towel and put on the forehead with ice cube or ice bag.

Heat spreading -
Normally apply when menstrual pain, handover, muscle pain, arthritis, rheumatism and gout..

Vaporization -
Mix the water with the essential oil in the container and shake it to make sure that the essential oil is well dissolve into water. Then sit down, relax and close the eye. Spray the mixture on the air and let the vapour down to the head slowly. When smell the odor, you could spray again on the other part.

6. Steaming
The benefit of steaming with essential oil is to make the sense of smell maintain natural, and avoid from the damage of the polluted material. It can also purify the air, improve quality of air and avoid the bacteric and virus spreading. The benefit of the essential oil included increase concentration, improve memory and spirit, emotional and mental control, dispute insomnia, anxious and headache.